Viktor Grgic

Viktor Grgic

Lean Architect & LeSS Trainer


Agile Coach and Certified LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) trainer with 17 years of experience in delivering enterprise systems and helping organisations with Agile transformations. I’ve worked first 15 years in The Netherlands, and currently live and work in Hong Kong.

I bring Agile transformation on technical (software development and operations), team and organizational level (management coaching and reorganizations). In the past years I’ve coached and trained in mainly large organizations: Dutch Chamber of Commerce, Municipality of Amsterdam,, ProRail, Port of Rotterdam, Sdu Uitgevers, Cathay Pacific, Societe Generale Hong Kong and Japan, Thales Hong Kong.

I write papers, blogs, and provide classes on the subject of IT architecture and Agile. More info at his LeSS profile.