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  • 15:30-16:30 30 Aug, 2016

Cancelling a public tender, dropping a few architects and frameworks, developing a new 24x7 information system in a non-agile environment to replace the previous one, a smooth migration, close cooperation with operational end-users, a stable team of 25 people for years, ski-trips, staying within a multi-million budget and time, and now moving the whole team to web-development, micro-services and Docker-containers. All without concessions to quality and we’re still having fun. Was this all according to plan?

We’ve been (and still are) experimenting, inspecting and adapting with agile and scrum for 7 years, and it turns out it looks like LeSS, with a hint of SAFe.

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Rutger Van Dijk

Rutger Van Dijk

Agile Enthusiast