Creating Communities and Opening Space

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  • 13:00-14:00 30 Aug, 2016

While this conference is only two days, it would be outstanding for it to have an ongoing impact. One way to do this is by forming communities of people who share particular interests, live near to each other, work in similar industries, or find any other connection that they want to start exploring during the conference, and continue with afterwards.

This is the community-forming kick off session. And, while communities may be formed at any time, this session will help us connect with the like-minded early in the conference programme. In addition, there’s 30 minutes set aside each day for community meet-ups, to help your new communities get off to a solid start.

An Open Space is running throughout the conference in a dedicated room. This is a third conference track with a continually evolving agenda, where we can gather as much or little as required to problem-solve and discuss topics related to this conference, to the organisations we work in, and to Large Scale Scrum in the world. If you’re the kind of person who reads conference programs (and we know you are!) then come prepared with any topic or issue you would like an opportunity to discuss with others in the Open Space — in the form of a short question or statement you’d be happy to read aloud to others.

Steve Alexander

Steve Alexander

Technology executive specializing in organizational effectiveness